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Watch the FPP 2017 Image Competition via Live Streaming!

The Florida Professional Photographers will be LIVE STREAMING our 2017 image competition on October 21st.

Watch the images and scores use the Game-Day app at

Listen to the audio of the judges on your computer, land-line, cellular phone or using the app on your smart device.

Audio Connection Instructions

Panel 1
Portraits, Social Events and Albums
Panel 2
Electronic Imaging, Commercial and Illustrative

Post Irma Image Competition Update

Image Competition RESCHEDULED

I hope everyone is recovering well from the storm! We all are bummed that there will not be a FOCUS this year, but we are excited to say that the FPP image competition has been rescheduled!

Judging will now be held in Tampa on October 21st. We will still have two panels of IPC approved or IPC jurors in training. While we will not have the Lounge, we are working on ways to live stream judging so that you can still watch all the action!

If you wish to submit companion prints for the Lexjet and Fuji awards, please have them shipped to: Florida Professional Photographers 13804 Lake Village Place Tampa, Florida, 33618 with guaranteed arrival BEFORE 5pm on Friday, October 20th.

They may also be delivered in person to judging before 10:30am to Stacy Larsen Photography Studio, Santaella Studio for the Arts, 1906 North Armenia Avenue Suite 209 Tampa, Fl 33607.

Image Submission Deadline REOPENED

The FPP has reopened image submissions since judging is delayed until October 21st! We are making something good out of the Hurricane Irma reschedule!

If you have already entered the competition, you can go back and make any changes you wish to images, titles, categories, etc. You can choose to submit a companion print for consideration for the Lexjet and Fuji Awards. You can also purchase an audio critique from judges for $5 per image which will be recorded and emailed to you two weeks after the competition.

If you have not entered yet or wish to enter additional images, you may also do this! Images will be accepted at the same price of $30 per image. To register, go to For rules and details on all the awards, go to


As always, I am here with any questions you may have!

Linda Long, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman
FPP Competition Manager

Clarifying “Photographic Elements” in Photographic Open

Our competition has two sections—Photographic Open and Electronic Imaging. Each section has

different rules, earns merits for different degrees and is judged differently—which can cause a lot of

confusion if you are new to competition!

The Electronic Imaging section of competition is to judge the electronic work that has been done to the

image. Whether it is a restoration or digital art piece, judges are looking at the reference images to see

how much work was done and how the parts are manipulated to make the whole, final image. As such,

the rules state that makers may use images that they themselves did not capture—so if a maker is

creating a composite of sharks on the moon, they can use stock images or any images they have

permission to use of sharks, the moon, etc., regardless of who the maker is.

In the Photographic Open categories, the images are judged as photographs (even if they are painted or

digitally manipulated) and the judges are only concerned with the final presentation of the image as

they view it. As such, the maker of the image MUST have created ALL the photographic elements that

are in the image. This rule has been beefed up this year, so it is even more important that the maker

have photographed each and every part of the image that is photographic. In Photographic Open, a

maker can enter an image that they created and composited to add in a sky, or a background element,

as long as they personally photographed each added piece. If a maker takes a portrait they created and

composites it onto a photographic scene that they purchased or did not personally create, then the

image will be disqualified.

The key word to the rule here is “photographic”. Because this is a photography competition and the

image is being entered into Photographic Open, the judges are evaluating the maker’s photographic

skills based on every photographic element in the image. There are enhancements that can be done to

images in Photographic Open that do not violate this rule—brushes, textures and other techniques that

do not appear as a photographic element in the final images are absolutely within the rules!

If you have any questions about the rules, categories, or competition in general, please contact the FPP

Competition Manager, Linda Long at