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Linda Long, 2017 Competition Chair

Linda Long, 2019 Competition Chair, Master Photog., Cr., CPP, FDPE, FSA, FED

Life leads us down some windy roads and sometimes we can’t see what is around the bend!  After serving for two years as the FPP Competition Manager I stepped down to focus some time on my family last year.  The association’s competition was left in great hands, but due to an unforeseen job change that competition manager had to step down and we were left without someone at the helm of our competition!  With encouragement from the board and many of the members I threw my hat back in the ring and I am ecstatic to announce that I will be returning as the 2019 FPP Competition Manager!

With my return, I am incredibly lucky to also bring on an Assistant Competition Manager, Amanda Hunter!  Amanda is the newest member of the FPP Board of Directors and also serves as the current president of the Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild.  She brings a love of competition, an energetic spirit and a keen eye for detail that will not only make the competition itself better, but will also give our membership another resource for competition help and advice!  I hope everyone can join me in welcoming Amanda to the competition team!

We are again making changes to competition this year!  We are always looking for the best ways to serve our members, so this year the competition has been moved to Friday before all the speakers and the hustle and bustle of FOCUS get underway!  This means you all can join us in the competition room to view the judging live or head over to the Lounge to hang out and cheer on your images!  

Another big change this year is that FPP will only have one panel of judges!  This means that all of the images will be judged by the same group of five qualified jurors and it is one of the most awarded panel of judges we have ever had!  Our very own Gregory Daniel will lead the group as our Jury Chair and the judges will include Audrey Wancket, Pete Rezac, Amy Feick, Ella Carlson and Michael Mowbray. 


A HUGE thank you needs to go out to White House Custom Color, because WHCC has agreed to again print and mount 8×10 prints of EVERY single member entry in the 2019 competition! We will have a full print display of all the images and each maker will be given their mounted prints at the end of FOCUS. Thank you to WHCC for their support of our competition!

I am once again honored to serve FPP as your Competition Manager and I hope that we continue to raise the bar in what is already considered one of the country’s best image competitions! 

Linda Long, linda@longsphotography.com