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Linda Long, 2017 Competition Chair

Linda Long, 2017 Competition Chair, Master Photog., Cr., CPP, FDPE, FSA, FED

2017’s FPP image competition was landmark for a lot of reasons—it was the first time FPP ever had to reschedule one (thank you Hurricane Irma!) and it was also the largest image competition in the last decade! Thank you to everyone who participated and an even bigger thank you to everyone who helped make sure we still had our competition!

We are moving forward with our competition with continued commitment of making it the best state image competition in the country! The FPP board has reviewed and approved the following changes for the 2018 competition:

Electronic Imaging Guide Images: The Electronic Imaging category recognizes the makers skills, vision and ability in the transformation of images after they are captured. Because these images are judged on the digital manipulations done to them, it is nearly impossible for judges to accurately score them without a provided reference image. Beginning in 2018, all entries in Electronic Imaging will now require that a guide image be included in the final entry file.

Non-Member Entries: The FPP image competition has historically only been available to FPP members as a member benefit. Now that competition has gone digital, photographers from around the nation are entering competitions so they can gain feedback and advice on their images. To allow our competition to grow, but also maintain that member benefit, we will now accept non-member entries, but those entries are not available for any awards or merits towards any degrees.


A HUGE thank you needs to go out to White House Custom Color, because WHCC has agreed to again print and mount 8×10 prints of EVERY single member entry in the 2018 competition! We will have a full print display back of all the images and each maker will be given their mounted prints at the end of FOCUS. Thank you to WHCC for their support of our competition!

Recorded critiques will also be available for purchase again this year when you register your images. They are $10 per image and you will receive a download link for your critique three weeks after competition. If you forget to purchase a critique when you register or you decide after competition that you would like one, you can still purchase them for $25 each.

It continues to be my personal commitment to keep the judging of FPP’s competition as close to IPC as possible. To ensure the quality of judging and that judges are familiar with the latest standards set by PPA, we will only be using IPC approved jurors or IPC jurors-in-training. All judges will have attended the PPA judges class and are well versed in current competition standards.

I am excited for another amazing year of image competition with some of the most talented, inspiring artists in our industry!

Linda Long, linda@longsphotography.com