This year at FOCUS, the Florida Professional Photographers will give out several different special awards to those entering competition using printed images. Digital submissions will not be considered for any of the following awards. “Exhibition Only” prints will be considered:


The Kodak Gallery Award is presented by judges to one entry scoring 80 or higher in one of the following categories: Commercial, Illustrative, Social Event, or Portrait. Please visit: for more information. A printed image that was not made with Kodak products may be considered for a Gallery Award, however, for an image to be eligible for a Gallery Elite Award, the exhibit print must be printed on any of the following: KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA papers or Display Materials; KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTATHERM Media, or KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper. More information is provided in the Official 2013 FPP Competition Rules (PDF link provided above).

The LexJet Sunset Print Award 

The winner is selected by the FPP judges from those inkjet prints scoring 80 or higher and are among the top 10 scoring prints. Entries need not be printed on Sunset inkjet media to win, though they must be inkjet-printed and be judged as a print.

Winners receive a crystal Sunset Print Award trophy, a lapel pin, a $250 gift certificate for Sunset-branded media, and entry into the year-end national Sunset Print Award competition hosted by LexJet.

*See for further details.


These Awards are available to all entries submitted whether print or digital.

Robert Becker Award for Creative Photography: This award will be presented to the maker whose image is judged to be the most creative single image in the overall photographic open category. A minimum score of 85 is required to be considered for this prestigious award.

Susan and Stewart Powers Award: The “Best-of-the-Best” album will be awarded the “Susan and Stewart Powers Award“ as determined by the judges. A minimum score of 85 is required to be considered for this prestigious award. Both Single-Maker and Multi-Maker albums will be considered.

Photographer of the Year, Artist of the Year and Florida Top Ten Photographers: To be eligible, makers must submit at least six images into competition. For Photographer of the Year, it must be six entries in Photographic Open. For Artist of the Year, it must be six entries in Electronic Imaging. Makers may enter up to ten entries in PO and ten in EI, but only the top six entries will be considered for these awards.

Emerging Artist Award: This award recognizes new and upcoming talent within FPP. To be eligible, it must be the maker’s first year competing in the FPP image competition and they must not already be a Master Photographer from PPA. The maker must enter at least three images. The maker may enter up to ten images, but only the top scoring three images from their case will be considered.

Intersectional Competition: ALL the scores for each section will be combined to create a total number for that section, divided by the number of entries for that group.


The Florida Professional Photographers awards several degrees based on the criteria of service, participation and excellence in competition. For a full explanation of their degree program and a list of available degrees visit their Degree Program page.