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2017 Speaker Line Up

Lindsay Adler

How to Flatter Anyone, Really Anyone!

Sponsored by Canon

Marissa Boucher

How to Create a Look and Brand That Women Have to Have

Sponsored by Bay Photo

Sabina Cavalli

Creating Stunning Sportraits From Start to Finish

Andrew Funderburg

The Power of Print and the Role of Story Telling

Sponsored by Fundy Software

Ted Linczak

Tackling the Typical – How to Dominate the Average Wedding Day!

Sponsored by WHCC

Stacy Pearsall

War and Humanity

Sponsored by Nikon

Gary Hughes & Booray Perry

Photobomb Podcast LIVE

Jared Platt

Editing and Sharing Your Images with Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile

Sponsored by WHCC, Triple Scoop, and Shoot Dot Edit

Pete Rezac

Black & White Children’s Character Portraits

Al Audleman

CPP Cram for Your Exam Pre-Convention Course