Deanna Duncan

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People First

Often photographers are great with connecting with clients that are just like them. However, in doing this, they leave a lot of money and potential on the table. What if you could connect with EVERYONE? What if you could quickly identify personality types and then customize their session to match their values? What if you could “speak” everyone’s personal language? What if clients left your sessions saying, “they really got me. They saw me for who I really am.” Guys, that is EMPOWERING. People First is all about seeing beyond the dollar signs. It’s about valuing people and affirming them in a way that ultimately does lead to dollars, but in a way that makes everyone feel great. It’s a true WIN-WIN!

Deanna Duncan, known as Dee to her friends, has a passion for empowering people to see beauty in themselves and others. Cris and Deanna Duncan operate CJ Duncan Photography in Lubbock, Texas. They have had the honor of photographing everything from weddings to families to corporate clients and even two Presidents. In over a dozen years, they have been published in numerous national magazines and acquired many industry accolades including GIA (Grand Imaging Award). However, what means the most is their daughter, family and the life they lead working together in the art form they love. The Duncan’s can be found educating creatives at events across North America. They are the founders of Find Your Focus Education and host an annual retreat for photographers.

Deanna is an internationally award winning photographer who has been published in several magazines and had the honor of representing the United State in the World Photographic Cup. She is a Master Photographic Craftsman. However, what really brings her joy is people. There is nothing she loves more than sitting down with you, a great cup of tea and hearing your story – and figuring out how to build your business. If you don’t watch out, she may talk you into running a 5k or perhaps a marathon. You just never know what can happen when you start dreaming…