Jared Platt

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Jared Platt

Editing and Sharing Your Images with Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile

Taking the image is only half the job! You are a photographer, and that means everything is important: planning, lighting, shooting, editing and publishing. Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile are the industry standard for editing and organizing images and while you may think you have this tool under control, Jared Platt will teach you things you never thought possible in Lightroom. Spend two hours with Jared learning how to edit your images better and faster without ever going to Photoshop. Plus, learn how to find your images at the drop of a hat and share them from anywhere at anytime. It’s a fast, connected world. Edit fast and stay connected to your images and draw more attention to your photography. It doesn’t matter what you photograph (landscapes, portraits, weddings, commercial…) Jared will open your eyes. Warning, sometimes minds get blown!


Jared Platt is an international wedding and lifestyle photographer and photographic lecturer. You can see him online at creativeLIVE teaching Lightroom and Photography, on youTube for Profoto’s light shaping series “What’s the Difference” and catch him at International photo conferences around the globe. Jared has been teaching photography for 20 years and has been a working photographer for the last quarter century. Jared’s lectures are not only mind blowing in content, but also very entertaining. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from him whenever you get the chance.