Luke Edmonson, Double Master of WPPI, Co-Founder of WPPI-C, PPA M.Photog. Cr. CPP, Fellow of SWPP

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Making a Complete Picture

Luke Edmonson

Most photographers quickly learn that “impact” is critical to making an incredible picture.

However, impact alone is not enough to reward our audience for participating in viewing our photography. Join us as we discuss why so many photos are considered “incomplete” and how to combine impact with other key elements to create photos that not only stand the test of time but they also have something to say.

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Luke Edmonson is a master photographer, global speaker, educator and print competition judge and that’s the last time I’m going to refer to myself in the 3rd person.

“Hands down participating in print competition has provided the most significant and beneficial learning experience for me to grow as a photographer. From my first forays into entering and later moving into judging in the UK, Australia, and the USA, I’m consistently amazed by the depth of talent and innovation from our photographic community.

While the refinements I’ve learned permeate into my everyday work and inspire me to keep growing, in time, I felt like something is missing.

What makes some pictures not only good but also especially effective?

By going back and studying the writings of historical photographers from the turn of the century, I found kindred spirits asking the same kind of questions.

That’s why I’m excited to spend time with you as part of the incredible FPP Focus Annual Convention to engage in a respectful conversation as to what “Makes A Complete Picture!”

In the WPPI Honors of Excellence program, I’m currently a Triple Master of WPPI while also serving as a print chair and judge at the The Annual 16×20 and 8×10 Print Competitions. I am also one of the Co-Founder’s and a graduate of WPPI-C, the industry’s first of its kind certification for wedding & portrait photographers.

I currently serve on the Speaker Selection Committee for Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and hold the Master of Photography (M.Photog), Photographic Craftsman (Cr.Photog.) degrees.

In January of 2016. I received my Fellowship from the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers (SWPP) in London which means more to me than most of the other accolades due to the degree of difficulty to achieve it.

If you are curious, other past accolades include winning the International Photographer of the Year at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) APPA competition, earning Diamond Photographer of the Year, multiple Kodak Gallery & Fuji Masterpiece Awards and various WPPI Grand and category awards.

It’s a privilege to have served twice as the President of the Dallas Professional Photographer Association and to be former board member for the Texas Professional Photographers Association.

I’m also a member of the Cameracraftsman of America, one of the oldest, most prestigious groups in the world dedicated to advancing the profession of photography as an art form.

But you know what’s best?

I’m a husband, father, brother and son with two awesome kids and a wife that I adore!