Marissa Boucher

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Top Tips to Create a Brand Women Have to Have

Marissa Boucher, owner of The Boudoir Divas studio in San Diego has had over 3000 women walk through her studio doors. She is going to touch on all the aspects she believes are key in creating an in demand photography experience for women. From shooting to marketing insights, Marissa won’t hold back any info.


When Marissa Boucher first started shooting boudoir photography in 2003, many people thought it out of style and unpopular – but that didn’t stop Marissa or her business partner, Kimberlee West. They didn’t stop then and they don’t stop now, shooting multiple sessions a day and with customers traveling from all over the world to visit their studio. Marissa and Kimberlee bring their unique vision and artistic talent to boudoir, and their reputation precedes them as The Boudoir Divas! Together, they’ve written books, spoken at engagements all over the world and have done destination shoots in Paris and the Carribbean. From coast to coast, these boudoir divas are a hit!

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Twitter: boudoirdivas
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