Marti Newkirk

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Boudoir Perspective

Are all of your clients perfect size 0? And 5’10”? No? Mine neither! But one thing all customers want, regardless of their size or shape, is to look their best and that’s our job as professional photographers. We have lots of tools at hand to help us achieve that goal including lighting, posing, lens choice, angle, etc. In this class, Marti will share how she uses these tools when working with her clients. This class will also have a demo component to better explain the concepts.

Marti Newkirk is based in Lakeland FL who specializes in boudoir and portraits. Her work has been featured on the cover of Southern Exposure, a Southeastern Professional Photographer magazine and Florida Photographer, the magazine of the Florida Professional Photographers Association. Marti serves on the Board of Directors of the Florida Professional Photographers Association and the Professional Photographers Guild of Mid Florida. She is also an elected PPA Councillor for Florida. In her spare time, Marti enjoys spending time with her family, her close photographer network and her husband, the Incomparable Mr. Bill.

Distinctions include:
Master Photographer, Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer, Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence, Florida Education Award, Florida Service Award.

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